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Color Me Mosaic!

An easy way to learn colorwork

June 17, 2024


Mosaics are colorful works of art made from small bits of color. When we talk about mosaic knitting, we mean we’re using two or more colors of yarn to create a geometric design. While it may sound complicated, it’s as simple as striping and slipping stitches with high-contrast yarn. Striping means you change colors at the end of a row. Slipping stitches means what it says: Oh So Chic cowlinstead of knitting or purling the stitch, you move it from the left needle to the right. When you combine slipped stitches with striping, you create complicated looking but easy to make patterns, like the Oh So Chic cowl ($8 Rav/in-store).

Mosaic patterns are more dramatic when you use two or more colors that are very light and very dark (i.e., high contrast). Black and white are the ultimate high-contrast combo but you can use nearly any color combination as long as one is much darker than the other. How do you tell if the colors are high contrast? Check out the Tip Jar in this week's newsletter.

If you’d like to learn to mosaic knit, check out Denise’s Introduction to Mosaic Knitting, using the Slip Stitch Coasters pattern by Emily Kintigh (knit, free Rav/in-store/Knit Picks website). Feel like making the Oh So Chic cowl? We’ll be hosting a cast-on party for this project. (Cast-on parties are informal social gatherings and not intended as instruction.) You can find the class and the cast-on party using the above links; they’re both on our July calendar. For mosaic knit-nerds, we have Barbara Walker’s Mosaic Knitting Book, with tons of stitch patterns.

Also, we’ll talk about mosaic crochet in a future newsletter!

Caryn and the Yarnivore Crew

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