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You Are What You Think You Know!

June Reflections: Competence versus Confidence

June 10, 2024

A good yarn shop should provide technical support for its stitchers, so it won't surprise you that we get asked for help a lot. Our goal is to help you understand and to be confident in what you know. To do this, we have to do a quick assessment of where you're at: do you need technical help or do you know what to do but lack confidence? We call this competence (technical knowledge) versus confidence. Of course, it's important to understand what you're doing, but why does confidence matter? It's because even the most experienced stitcher will feel uncomfortable about finishing their project if they're not sure about how to do it. Regardless of whether you need technical help or confidence reinforcement, we're happy to help you get it.

For those who are shy about asking for help, keep in mind that we provide gentle technical feedback. Again, our goal is to understand what you're trying to do and help you achieve it. While doing so, we also want to reinforce your confidence. We often provide free technical help over the counter (time permitting); for more focused help (1x1), we recommend a private lesson. You're also welcome to sit & stitch in our seating area, and we can give you guidance in between helping customers.

Caryn and the Yarnivore Crew

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