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How Do We Learn? One Step at a Time!

July Reflection: Understanding the Learning Process

July 8, 2024

As adults we’ve mastered many of the skills needed for daily living, like cooking or driving. But what happens when we’re trying to learn a new skill and can’t seem to get it right? We’re usually frustrated at our slow progress in the beginning and then, with time and practice, our skills grow. (This is often referred to as a learning curve.) We see this pattern in all of our students, regardless of skill level (beginner v. intermediate v. advanced) because mastering any new skill takes time. However, we see a difference in how students react to the early, more frustrating part of the learning process. Some students see a learning curve as a challenge, which means they have hope of mastering the skill. Other students can be so frustrated that they feel hopeless, which makes them want to quit. (It’s possible for the same student to feel hopeful and hopeless at different times.)

Your hope (or confidence) in learning a new skill is a key ingredient to your achievement. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and a little too frustrated to have confidence that you’ll learn, maybe that’s a good day for a project that uses your existing skills. Or maybe you want to try a new skill that’s closer to one you already know, like a new way of increasing or decreasing, rather than a big one, like learning basic knitting or crochet (or, for more experienced stitchers, brioche knitting or interlocking filet crochet). If you want to tackle a tougher skill, give yourself a little grace when you get frustrated. Take a break, clear your mind, and come back to your stitching refreshed and see if you're better able to learn that new skill.

Caryn and the Yarnivore Crew

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