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Event & Schedule News aka Safety First!

August 5, 2020
Greetings all, Yarnivore continues to be open daily, but with limited hours (current hours are always posted at the bottom of our home page). Due to sales activity, we are currently open 11-5 Monday-Saturday and 12-5 Sunday. The COVID19 impacts to all of us are significant, but we're working smart to continue to serve everyone. Thanks to all of you for keeping us going! 

If you're shopping in-store, we require that everyone wear masks. Also, hand sanitizer is available at the front door and register, plus everyone is welcome to wash their hands in our bathroom. If you need to buy a mask, we have some available. 

Shopping Online tips
We continue to offer online shopping and curbside pick up. To use curbside pick up, place your order online (you can also go to our Products tab, above, and search for what you need, too). 

Having trouble getting through check out? Try refreshing your browser (that circle/arrow thingy near the url bar); this seems to clear most issues. 

Here's how curbside works after you place your order:
-We pull your order and mark it as In Process, which notifies you via email that we are working on your order.
-Then we pack your order and mark it as Ready for Pickup, which notifies you again via email. After receiving this 'ready' email, you can swing by any time we're open to pick up. (If you asked us to ship, you'll get notified once we mark it as Shipped.)
-Once you arrive, you can either call or come to the door and we'll hand you your order. 

If y'all need info on the latest, go to our COVID-19 page for information & inspiration. We have links to various information (e.g., CDC, City of San Antonio), DIY mask patterns, and ways to stay active and healthy. 

If y'all are making face masks and are ready to drop them off, you can leave them any time we're open. 

Be safe, be well, be kind,
Caryn & the Yarnivore crew

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Hiya! We're STILL (gah!) converting our website & point-of-sale to new software. Every product has to be manually entered, including any photos. In the year+ since we converted, we've made a lot of progress, but still need to finish some of the cosmetics and organizing. In the meantime, loading photos and descriptions is pretty time-consuming, so please be patient with us. :)