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Event & Schedule news!
OMG! Check out the San Antonio Express-News article on charity crafting, featuring a couple of charity crafters from Yarnivore (and staff)! Many thanks to all y'all that have donated yarn and items (some of which are in the EN photos)! 

Need some project help? The Hooker Helpdesk (next session, 1/11) is a studio-style class for crocheters needing help on their individual projects. We also have a Knit and Crochet workshop with Beate (most Thursdays) and Wendy's Knitting Workshop (next session, 1/21).

Learn to weave on a rigid heddle loom! These classes fill up fast (very limited seating), so sign up early! Debbi (our favorite published weaver!) teaches you how to choose yarns & colors, calculate yardage, warp and weave on a rigid heddle loom in Beginning Rigid Heddle Weaving (next session 1/18).  Rental looms available, no need to have your own. 

Already mastered weaving basics? Join Debbi for a Band (Inkle) Weaving class (1/25). This class is designed for a rigid heddle, but you can also use an inkle loom. Rental looms available, no need to have your own. 

1/31-2/1 (Corpus Christi): Yellow Rose On the Coast! Yarnivores are familiar with the Yellow Rose Fiber Festival - now, they're having their FIRST CORPUS CHRISTI event! 

Want to learn to crochet or knit? The February Beginning Crochet and Beginning Knitting classes still have space

2/29 @ 10am: Saori Weaving class with guest teacher Kathy Utts (former owner of Ply and a Saori certified teacher!). More details to come. 

Check out our calendar for links to all scheduled classes and events. 

What's New? Recent shipments include:

-Hooks, needles & notions! We've just restocked hooks & needles from 2 of our distributors and have 2 more orders on the way. 
- Fiber Circle stitch markers - restock + NEW designs from this Texas based maker!
- Dream in Color - we managed to keep some of the DiC yarns (Jilly, Smooshy Cashmere)
- Universal Yarn - NEW Bella Chenille Big (HUGE!) is perfect for cooler weather projects, plus NEW Nordic Tapestry is a worsted weight wool/acrylic that would make great boot socks. 
- Urth Yarns - Uneek worsted & fingering back in stock! Check out their awesome pattern support (and have you seen Caryn's Putting on the Pleats skirt in Urth Yarn's Harvest?)

More to come! We've got Ashford, ChiaoGoo, Cocoknits, Crafting My Chaos, Euphoria Knits, Hedgehog, Malabrigo, and more on order!

What is a Yarnivore?

If a carnivore is an animal that gets its energy from eating meat, then it’s only a small stretch to think that a Yarnivore gets their energy from playing with fiber, right? Yarnivores are people obsessed with fiber – lace through bulky, cotton through cashmere.

Yarnivore is a local yarn shop on San Antonio’s northwest side (in Castle Hills), catering to fiber fans of all kinds – crocheters, knitters, spinners, and weavers. In addition to all kinds of yarn and fiber, we sell books, patterns, accessories, tools, and larger equipment like looms and spinning wheels. We carry mass market, boutique, and local independent dyed yarns (yes, we have fiber artists in Texas!) Finally, we love to feed your passion by offering you classes and private lessons. For the latest on all of our products, follow us on Facebook or swing by the store.

We pride ourselves on inspiring you to pick up fiber and tool and using your imagination to create a one of a kind project. Join us to browse or bring in your current work-in-progress and hang out on our comfy couch and chairs for a while.

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