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Event & Schedule news!
Upcoming trunk shows include:
11/29/19 Black Friday - need a respite from the retail craziness? Come hang with us, we'll have lots of snacks and good company as we craft the day away, plus you can pick up a couple of fiber-related gifts. 
11/30/19 SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY! Fabulous gifty items + lots of hand dye, including a trunk show (12p-4p) Euphoria Knits, a San Antonio dyer
12/14 Trunk Show 12p-4p Lone Wolf Fiber, a Fredricksburg rancher/dyer

All hours regular except:
Thanksgiving eve (11/27): 10a-4p.
Thanksgiving (11/28): Closed

Christmas Eve (12/24): 10a-4p
Christmas (12/25): Closed
New Years Eve (12/31): 10a-4p
New Years Day (1/1): Closed

Check out our calendar for links to all scheduled classes and events. 

What's New? Recent shipments include:

Totally Gift-able Items + Favorite Notions 
- C&F Gnomes!
- ChiaoGoo - restock of Red Knit + NEW! Lace
- Dandy Like Candy - restock + NEW! zipper pouch designs to hold your tools 
- Driftless Studios - NEW! signs & magnets that have nothing to do with yarn, but they make use laugh :)
- Harrisville Designs - restock of their popular hand looms
- Laura Hand Knits - restock of these hand-made-in-the-US stitch markers. Octagons anyone?
- Nuluv Goat Milk Products - fresh! restock and NEW! seasonal scents
- Peppervine Pottery - restock of these made-with-love hand-thrown yarn bowls
- Pretty Warm Designs - NEW! super-cute stitch markers in handy little tins!
- Story People - NEW! cards & prints (for those who are a fan of the artwork we have had on the walls, we now carry it!)
- Strung by Shawna - NEW! string art kits - easy fun for all ages (we think these are excellent for adult-child fun!)
- Wishlets - NEW! giftable friendship bracelets 
- Wrist Rulers restock of natural + NEW! colors

- Urth Yarns - restock of Harvest, Uneek Worsted
- Feza Yarns - restock of Alp Dazzle

What is a Yarnivore?

If a carnivore is an animal that gets its energy from eating meat, then it’s only a small stretch to think that a Yarnivore gets their energy from playing with fiber, right? Yarnivores are people obsessed with fiber – lace through bulky, cotton through cashmere.

Yarnivore is a local yarn shop on San Antonio’s northwest side (in Castle Hills), catering to fiber fans of all kinds – crocheters, knitters, spinners, and weavers. In addition to all kinds of yarn and fiber, we sell books, patterns, accessories, tools, and larger equipment like looms and spinning wheels. We carry mass market, boutique, and local independent dyed yarns (yes, we have fiber artists in Texas!) Finally, we love to feed your passion by offering you classes and private lessons. For the latest on all of our products, follow us on Facebook or swing by the store.

We pride ourselves on inspiring you to pick up fiber and tool and using your imagination to create a one of a kind project. Join us to browse or bring in your current work-in-progress and hang out on our comfy couch and chairs for a while.

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