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Event & Schedule News aka Safety First!

May 11, 2020
Happy, glorious May! We've got the usual mix of weather, including some unusually cooler days. Regardless of the conditions, we're celebrating spring blooms and getting some fresh air! 

Are we open? You betcha! Per the Governor's, Mayor's, and Judge's orders, Yarnivore reopened May 1 for low-capacity shopping. We are now open 1-5p daily (so, 7 days a week, but still limited hours). 

What does 'low capacity' mean? It means we will limit shoppers so that we can maintain social distance, for everyone's safety. 
- When you enter the store, you'll see that we've rearranged some furniture to help keep us all separated. If necessary, we offer distanced seating for shoppers who need to wait while others complete their purchases. 
- Also, we require that everyone wear masks while in the store. This is to keep everyone safe - many in the fiber community are immune-compromised, so we want to keep everyone (and their loved ones) safe. 
- Hand sanitizer is available at the front door and register, plus everyone is welcome to wash their hands in our bathroom. 
- Staff will regularly clean commonly touched surfaces with disinfectant. 
- We continue to offer online shopping and curbside pick up for those who prefer that. To use curbside pick up, place your order online. Most of our products are now visible (if you don't see something, email us at

Having trouble getting through check out? Try refreshing your browser (that circle/arrow thingy near the url bar); this seems to clear most issues. Also, make sure you're not using a broken link (we shared our test link in our newsletter back in March and have since corrected it). The correct link should have (not yarnivoresa.rainadmin/etc etc). 
If all else fails, you can either call while we're open or email us and we'll take your order over the phone. 

Here's how curbside works after you place your order:
-We pull your order and mark it as In Process, which notifies you via email that we are working on your order.
-Then we pack your order and mark it as Ready for Pickup, which notifies you again via email. After receiving this 'ready' email, you can swing by any time we're open to pick up.
-Once you arrive, you can either call or come to the door and we'll hand you your order. 

If y'all need info on the latest, go to our COVID-19 page for information & inspiration. We have links to various information (e.g., CDC, City of San Antonio), DIY mask patterns, and ways to stay active and healthy. 

Again, we are still being careful - several of our staff have compromised immune systems, as do many in the fiber community. Because of this care, we have limited staff available, so we appreciate y'all understanding! 

If you need to reach us, you can email the store - Wendy & Caryn are answering email from home ( Wendy is also leading tutorials on Facebook and teaching private lessons via Google.  

If y'all are making face masks and are ready to drop them off, You can drop them off during our newly established hours (1-5p daily) or email us to arrange a meet up. We've already received several batches and given them (sometimes within the same hour) away to an ER doctor who shares with other ER and ICU docs. This is why we LOVE the fiber community! 

Many thanks for your concerns about our financial state! There is no doubt that COVID19 will be a financial hit, but we're confident we can make it through this. To paraphrase Stephen Colbert, we do this for you, but we also do this with you. 

Be safe, be well, be kind,
Caryn & the Yarnivore crew

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