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Privacy Policy - Lawyerly stuff, but said in a friendly tone. ;)

What information does Yarnivore have?

As Yarnivore customers know, the store typically has the following information for each customer: 

Name, email, and sometimes cell phone number and shipping address, along with purchase history. We commit to the fiber community that we are mindful of customers' privacy so:

-We do not share data with third parties. 

-We maintain an optional email list for store use only and we use this list to primarily send our weekly newsletter. Customers can opt-out or unsubscribe either via a link (included in every email) or by contacting the store. 

What does Yarnivore do with your information?  

Yarnivore keeps certain information to help its customers and other information to contact its customers. Let's look at them separately:

First, what information does Yarnivore use to help its customers? 

Fiber-crafts can be very specific - you not only need to know your yarn weight, but also the fiber blend, color, and sometimes dye-lot information. While Yarnivore doesn't track all of this information, we do track the most common information: what type and (sometimes) color of yarn did a customer buy? Imagine you bought some gorgeous blue yarn that was not quite royal, not quite navy. Then imagine that you needed more but lost the ball band with brand name and color information on it. The easiest way for us to figure out what you need is to look at your purchase history. Similar information about needles and hooks is helpful. 

By keeping purchase information with your name, we can easily access it. Our records also make returns and gift certificate redemption easier. 

Second, why do we have your email address even if you don't want our newsletters? Yarnivore uses customer email addresses for several non-newsletter reasons: We often have to contact customers about classes, questions, lost-and-found items, or special orders. Our new software also sends out birthday coupons; without your email, we can't send you a greeting. 

Also, when customers have similar names, we use the email address to confirm we are using the right account when entering purchases.

What if you don't want Yarnivore to keep your information? 

Yarnivore respects your privacy. If you choose to not have us track your purchases, we can enter any purchases under Visitor (our software requires a customer name of some kind). Using Visitor works for our out-of-town visitors as well as those who prefer privacy. 

More questions? Just ask. We believe feedback is always a gift, plus we know you value your privacy.