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May 21, 2018

Making Progress!

Howdy everyone! It’s been two weeks since we converted to a new point-of-sale and website and we’re making steady progress! For those who are curious, we’ve gotten used to all the new things (like Birthday coupons!) and have amassed a pretty big list of things we want to change or fix.

What do all these changes mean to you? First, it means we have a fresh new look online. The new software lets us change things easily (sometimes too easily, whoops!) and we can also give you the choice of looking at our products. For example, if you look under the Products tab, you’ll see categories like “Yarn”, “Notions”, and “Craft Specific”. We’re trying to find a logical, easy to use way of organizing things, so under Yarns, you can see “National Brands” and “Yarn by Weights”. Eventually, we’ll add some of the more popular fibers.

As of today, we only show a few of our products. This is because we want to include photos. What’s the point of looking online at text? :D Attaching photos, manufacturers descriptions, and organizing everything is very time intensive. As a result, our goal is to add one or two products a day. If that sounds small, think about yarns like Berroco’s Vintage (worsted), where we carry 40+ colors.

We are not selling yarn online, though. Why? Because we’re all about community and supporting each other. This means visiting the store, for your benefit and for our economics. We can help you find projects and yarns, we can help you with techniques, and our pricing reflects this. We all know online shopping is very price competitive….but digital retailers don’t offer the service that we specialize in. We’re grateful and humbled that many of you talk about supporting your local yarn shop.

Thanks as always for your support, especially everyone’s patience while we iron out bugs!

May 7, 2018

Hi there all you Yarnivores, welcome to our new website!

We've spent the last couple of months preparing to switch over to a new point of sale and website software - we hope you like our fresh look and features! These include a more interactive calendar (making it easier for us to post/update classes & events). We'll also be able to show you what products we carry (once we've got them all posted). We don't plan to sell online - after all, our superpower is supporting you in person - but we will continue to ship products to our far-flung community. The new software will help us send birthday greetings and our email.

There's still a ton of work to do, especially to convert all our classes and products. As we launch new functions, we'll keep you posted!

Caryn and the Yarnivore crew