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Weaving - Beginning Tapestry

Remember how hard you worked to not beat your weft down too hard in rigid heddle or multi-shaft weaving? In this class you’ll be pressing the weft down so hard that the warp can’t be seen.

Tapestry weaving is a technique wherein you can draw pictures in your weaving. It is to weaving what intarsia is to knitting. Typically worked on a tapestry loom, it can be done on your rigid-heddle but you will need an extra tool to pack the weft down tightly enough. In this class, we’ll be learning the basic techniques of this style of weaving.

Supplies needed

Loom: Basic tapestry loom. Schacht tapestry looms available for rent or purchase. 
Yarn: Weft yarn; suitable weft yarns are single-spun worsted-weight yarns such as Lamb’s Pride or Tamatz. You’ll also need a fork! Yes, that’s right, a table fork. (If you happen to have a Navajo or tapestry fork, bring that, but please don’t rush out and buy one!)

Prerequisites: This class is for weavers who know how to warp their looms and how to achieve a balanced weave.
Time: One 6-hour session.

Weaving - Beginning Tapestry

$ 48.00
includes instruction only; supplies not included. Tapestry looms available for rent or purchase.