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Knitting: Field of Seams

We all love to knit, but hate to sew the pieces together! Not any more. Learn the secrets to perfect finishing – nearly invisible seams, picking up the perfect number of neckline stitches (without counting!) and much, much more.

There is homework for this class – you MUST have these swatches finished before class:
1. Stockinette Stitch swatch - MAKE TWO
Cast on 20 stitches and work stockinette stitch (knit a row, purl a row) for 40 rows. Bind off.

2. Garter stitch swatch - MAKE TWO
Cast on 25 stitches and work garter stitch (knit every row) for 25 rows. Bind off.


Skill Details:
Suitable for knitters of most skill levels.
Please make 4 swatches, two of stockinette stitch, and two garter stitch before the first class. Swatches can be with any (non-novelty) yarn, but light colors are better and they should be at least 4″ square.
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Knitting: Field of Seams

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