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Knockout Knits & Perfect Purls

Do you have gaps in between rows? Uneven stitches? Too tight or too loose edges? We can fix all that! In this class, we’ll hone your knitting and purling skills to give you beautiful, even stitches, beautiful edges, and pretty purls. Make your knitting look HANDMADE, not homemade!

Cost: $18 plus supplies

Supplies: Worsted weight basic yarn in a light color (wool or wool blends are best, but any yarn will do), straight or circular needles in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 (yup, bring all of them).

Prerequisites: Before first class, please make swatches as follows (make sure all swatches are labeled):
  • Swatch 1: Cast on 30 stitches, knit every row for 60 rows, bind off in knit.
  • Swatch 2: Cast on 30 stitches, PURL every row for 60 rows, bind off in purl.
  • Swatch 3: Cast on 26 stitches, work 6 rows of garter stitch, then work as follows: Purl row – k 3, p to last 3 sts, end k 3; Knit row – knit across. Repeat those two rows 16 more times. Work 6 more rows of garter stitch, then bind off.

Knockout Knits & Perfect Purls

$ 18.00
plus supplies (10% off class supplies!)