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Weaving - Band (Inkle) Weaving

Would you like to make a band such as a belt, guitar strap, camera strap or hatband? Your rigid-heddle loom is certainly capable of doing such weaving. In this class, we’ll design and make a narrow band to learn the technique of warp-faced weaving.

Note! You can definitely do inkle-style or band weaving on a rigid-heddle loom, and that’s what this class is geared for. If you have an inkle loom, you may use it, but you must have at least 25 string heddles made for it and brought to class.

Instructor: Debbi
Supplies: Rigid-heddle loom (see note below), 12-dent heddle, threading hook, warping peg, stick shuttle, 2 skeins (or more!) of cotton fingering-weight yarn such as Catona.

PrerequisitesYou must know how to warp your loom and know how to achieve a balanced weave.

: One 4-hour session.

Weaving - Band (Inkle) Weaving

$ 33.00
Includes instruction; supplies & tools extra. Bring your yarn from home or get a 10% discount on class supplies. Looms available for rent, please notify us in advance.