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My First Socks: Knit Basic Socks from the Cuff Down

Warm your toes with this class! Learn about the parts of a sock and the skills needed to make a perfectly fitted sock from cuff to toe. You'll learn techniques that apply to knitting of all types - including sweaters, gloves, even hats and shawls! Plus, handknit socks are more comfortable than any sock in any store!

Intermediate Knitting

In this class you will learn to increase and decrease, to knit in the round, to read a knitting pattern, and some fun new stitch patterns. FREE patterns are included for a hat, a baby blanket, felted coasters and more. By the end of class you will have a finished hat, knit seamlessly in the round!

Oct 23
KAL Papillon
Oct 23
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Oct 24
Knit and Crochet Workshop with BEATE!