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Newsletter 1

May 28, 2018

In this issue:   ~What's YOUR Favorite Cookie?~   ~Shop News~   ~Helpful Hint~   ~Upcoming Classes~

What's YOUR Favorite Cookie? Ours is NOT DIGITAL

Well, first, we do NOT collect cookies on our website - we think cookies should be saved for eating! Plus the chocolate chips mess up the intertubes.
You probably already know that Yarnivore collects your name and email and we thought you'd like to know what happens with that info. Nothing. Really. We don't share it with anyone. We keep your prior purchases saved under your name so that if you forgot what "that pink fuzzy yarn" was, you can call us and ask. We also need your name for classes, and your email so we can send you messages (like that time that we had to close because the roof was pouring water on the floor).

If you've been to the shop in the last few weeks, you'll notice we're also asking for your cell phone number and your birthday. We want your phone number mostly so that we can call or text you if you accidentally leave something in the shop (this happens several times a week), but our new system can also send you reminder texts if you have signed up for a class! Handy, right?

And your birthday? That's so we can send you a Happy Birthday greeting WITH A COUPON!

We absolutely do not EVER want to spam you. If you don't want to get the newsletter, then we will take you off the list. No problem. No questions asked. There's an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every newsletter.

If you want to read our full privacy policy (it's pretty fun to read, actually), click here - or scroll to the bottom of any page on our website to read it again.

Shop News

Mostly, the news is this newsletter! This is our first one sent from the new system. We're still figuring out some formatting issues, but we're excited to keep making it better. We want to give you content you actually WANT to read. Have suggestions for the newsletter? We'd love to hear them - send them to or to!

Helpful Hint of the Week

Today's hint is an easy way to save money on yarn! Call, email, or stop by and tell us your birthday! We'll send you a coupon for a birthday present! 

Make Knitting Charts with Excel™

Tuesday, May 29 from 6-8 pm, $18
Teacher: Wendy

Learn to unleash the power of your computer to make and alter knitting charts. This makes it easy to add or remove repeats if you want a wider or narrower piece. You’ll also learn to make a color chart from any line drawing, using Excel® and PowerPoint® together to turn almost any clip art into a knittable pattern!

Time: One 2-hour session.

Field of Seams

Wednesday, May 30 & Thursday, May 31 from 6-8 pm, $33
Teacher: Wendy

We all love to knit, but hate to sew the pieces together! Not any more. Learn the secrets to perfect finishing – nearly invisible seams, picking up the perfect number of neckline stitches (without counting!) and much, much more. There is homework for this class – you MUST have these swatches finished before class.

Prerequisites: Suitable for knitters of most skill levels.

Intermediate Crochet

Saturday, June 2 & 9 from 10 am-noon, $33

Teacher: Patrick

Take the next step! Learn to increase and decrease (intentionally!) and crochet in the round while working Linda’s Quick and Simple Hat Pattern.
Two 2-hour sessions

Filet Crochet & Chart Reading

Saturday, June 2 & 9 from 3-5 pm, $33
Teacher: Patrick

Want to learn how to read a crochet chart? This is an easy start! Crochet charts are a universal language and they help you see what your project will look like. Filet crochet is worked in a grid, using only chain and double crochet stitches. Because we use just two stitches, it's easier for you to learn chart reading.

Sessions: 2 two-hour sessions

My First Knit Socks

Sunday, June 3, 10, & 24 from noon-2 pm, $48

Teacher: Wendy

Warm your toes with this class! Learn about the parts of a sock and the skills needed to make a perfectly fitted sock from cuff to toe.

Socks are a great project for any knitter trying to understand how different types of shaping work and will do more to improve your overall knitting smarts than any other single project.

Top Down Sweater

Monday, June 4, 11, 18 & 25 from 6-8 pm, $63
Teacher: Wendy

Perfect Fit For You!

Learn to make a perfectly-fitted top-down sweater, with your choice of sleeve and neckline, in your favorite yarn. You’ll learn to take charge of your knitting, to knit seamlessly and to fit your own figure! You can make it light and short- sleeved for the summer, or heavy and warm - your choice!

To see a few photos of finished sweaters from this class, click here.

Four 2-hour sessions

Intermediate Knitting

Tuesday, June 5, 12, & 19 from 6-8 pm, $48
Teacher: Wendy

In this class you will learn to increase and decrease, to knit in the round, to read a knitting pattern, and some fun new stitch patterns. FREE patterns are included for a hat, a baby blanket, felted coasters and more. By the end of class you will have a finished hat, knit seamlessly in the round!

Prerequisites: Cast on, knit, purl, bind off

Time: Three 2-hour sessions

Baby Surprise Jacket

Thursday, June 7, 14, & 21 from 6-8 pm, $48

Teacher: Wendy

This adorable baby sweater is made in one piece and looks like a weird blob -until you do a quick origami-type fold and sew up the one seam over each shoulder.

Time: Three 2-hour sessions.


Before first class, please make a gauge swatch. You need to get 20 stitches in 4″ using garter stitch.

Contact Us:  2357 NW Military, 78231  (210)979-8255