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Fix that rough join!

June 17, 2019

In this issue:  What's the Craft Yarn Council?   Shop News   The Tip Jar   Upcoming Classes

What's the Craft Yarn Council?
Do they make the rules for knit & crochet?

Rules? What rules!? No, really, there are no real official rules for how knitting/crochet patterns are written, but the Craft Yarn Council is trying to provide some structure, continuity, and standards to the Wild West of the yarn world.

The Craft Yarn Council (CYC) represents the leading yarn companies, accessory manufacturers, magazines, book publishers, and consultants in the knitting & crochet industry. The CYC provides industry standards (like yarn weights and abbreviations), FAQs (Knit and Crochet 911) and provides educational programs. Need to know what "tbl" means? Go to the Standards tab on the CYC website and click on the Abbreviations link on the right hand side. (Most patterns explain their abbreviations but it never hurts to have another source!)

They only deal with standards for knitting and crochet, and their terms for yarn sizes are different than those used "across the pond" or in the weaving and spinning worlds, but the vast majority of US knitting and crochet publishers use the CYC's abbreviations and standards for sizing and pattern formatting.

Want to keep up with the CYC? You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & YouTube!

Shop News

Featured Yarn and Pattern
We hope all you Yarnivores will love EuphoriaKnits as much as we do. Euphoria's artist, Janessa, is a recent transplant from Colorado but we think you'll agree that her color choices match our vibrant city! We are currently stocking 3 yarns: Exhilaration (100% Superwash Polwarth), Frenzy (85% Superwash Extra Fine Merino/15% Nylon), and Marled Madness (40% Merino/40% Peruvian Fine Highland Wool/20% Nylon). To see all of EuphoriaKnits yarn, visit her trunk show on July 27th. 

Here are some lovely shawl patterns to use with hand-dyed yarns:
Blurre by Deanne Ramsey - a beautiful crocheted crescent shawl (see photo at right), $7 in-store or on Ravelry.

Shift by Lisa Mutch - a FREE crescent shawl/scarf pattern featuring garter stitch and unwrapped short rows.

Regular & Upcoming Events
Every Tuesday at 1 pm - Yarnivorphans Meet-up at the Garden Tea Lounge
1st and 3rd Fridays - Friday Night Cravings here at Yarnivore
Saturday, June 15 - Spinners and Weavers Monthly Meet-Up at Yarnivore

Saturday, June 29 - Crafting My Chaos Trunk Show
Saturday, July 6 - Yarn Carnival Trunk Show
Saturday, July 27 - EuphoriaKnits Trunk Show

The Tip Jar

There isn't anything much worse than getting a rough join on your circular knitting needle or tunisian hook! There's a very easy fix, though! Next time you're at the hardware store, pick up a roll of teflon tape (also called thread seal tape). It's usually less than a dollar. When your needle join gets rough, break off a small piece and roll it around the join. It sticks all by itself and smooths the join out beautifully!

Note: when we say "a small piece", we mean really small! An inch is too much. Also, it's better to rip instead of cut if you can. Click the photo at right to see it full sized.

(We have some here behind the counter and we'll gladly give you a piece if you need it)


Knit and Crochet Workshop with Beate

EVERY Thursday from 1-3 pm, $18 per session
Craft: Knitting
Teacher: Beate

Need help with a project or technique? This 1-session class is a great way to get help and see what others are working on! Beate will help with reading patterns, reinforcing techniques, and building your confidence. Beate can assist with either knitting or crochet projects.

One 2-hour session

Intarsia Baby Hat

Thursday, June 20 & 27 from 6-8 pm, $33
Craft: Knit
Teacher: Wendy

Learn to do intarsia in the round while you make a cute color-blocked baby hat! You'll also learn a beautiful and stretchy invisible cast-on. This class is also a prerequisite for the Argyle Sock Class!

Two 2-hour sessions

Beginning Rigid Heddle Weaving

Saturday, June 22 from 10 am-4 pm, $48
Craft: Weaving
Teacher: Debbi

Learn the basics of weaving on a rigid heddle loom. We’ll cover weaving terminology, direct warping, winding and managing shuttles, achieving a balanced weave and basic finishing techniques. As time allows, we’ll discuss weaving drafts, yarn choices for weaving, pattern planning and alternate methods of warping.

One 6-hour session

Intermediate Knitting

Sunday, June 23, 30, and July 7 from noon-2 pm, $48
Craft: Knitting
Teacher: Wendy

In this class you will learn to increase and decrease, to knit in the round, to read a knitting pattern, and some fun new stitch patterns. FREE patterns are included for a hat, a baby blanket, felted coasters and more. By the end of class, you will have a finished hat, knit seamlessly in the round!

Three 2-hour sessions

Knitting: Fixing Mistakes

Monday, June 24 from 6-8 pm, $23
Craft: Knitting
Teacher: Wendy

Dropped stitches, purling when you wanted to knit, unwanted increases, decreases, and yarn overs – we’ve all done them at some point in our knitting. Learn how to fix these mistakes and overcome your fear of ripping down and ripping out!

One 2-hour session

Knitting: Get GAUGE!

Tuesday, June 25 from 6-8 pm, $18
Craft: Knitting
Teacher: Wendy

If you want to make ANYTHING of a predictable size, you HAVE to get gauge. We’ll learn the right way to make a gauge swatch, methods to ensure that your gauge swatch gives you reliable results, and the difference between row gauge and stitch gauge. This is ESSENTIAL for anyone who wants to improve their knitting skills.

One 2-hour session

Beginning Tapestry Weaving

Saturday, June 29 from 10 am-4 pm, $48
Craft: Weaving
Teacher: Debbi

Remember how hard you worked to not beat your weft down too hard in rigid heddle or multi-shaft weaving? In this class you’ll be pressing the weft down so hard that the warp can’t be seen.

Tapestry weaving is a technique wherein you can draw pictures in your weaving. It is to weaving what intarsia is to knitting. Typically worked on a tapestry loom, it can be done on your rigid-heddle but you will need an extra tool to pack the weft down tightly enough. In this class, we’ll be learning the basic techniques of this style of weaving.

One 6-hour session

Yarn Tech

Sunday, June 30 from 3-5 pm, $18
Craft: Knit/Crochet/Weave
Teacher: Wendy

Ever wonder why some yarns work for one kind of project and don’t work at all with another? Confused by the dizzying array of fibers, textures, and colors? This is the class for you!

For both knitters AND crocheters, this class will help you choose the right yarn for each project, so that you save time and money and get the most bang for your yarn buck!

One 2-hour session

Knitting Workshop
Lucy from Peanuts with pink hair in a booth labeled The Doctor is IN
Each session is $18
Upcoming sessions,
   Monday, July 1 from 6-8 pm
    Sunday, July 21 from 3-5 pm
Craft: Knitting
Teacher: Wendy

You know you love Wendy's tips and hints and wish she could help you with every project! Well, now she can! Bring your projects and we'll all learn together from each other's challenges. Make your knitting look professional and lose all your fears!

One 2-hour session


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