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Yarn has a POSTURE?!

May 11, 2020

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Yarn Posture 

Does your yarn sit up straight or slouch?

What does yarn have to do with posture? We think posture is a good way of describing how a yarn behaves. Think of a dancer's posture, where the dancer bends and stretches but comes back to position. This is wool - it has a springiness, so it bounces back, right? Alpaca has a posture more like a runway model - it slouches elegantly through life. Flax/Linen has more of a military posture - it doesn't stretch, but holds its shape until it has been through washer/dryer therapy, in which case it learns to relax a bit. Cotton is more like a slouchy teen - it drapes and doesn't bounce back. Rayon and silk have a posture like a sleeping child - soft to the touch and droops like a melted candle. All yarn postures have have some benefits (disclaimer: mom says don't slouch!) in terms of the fabric we make. The trick is to anticipate their behavior in your project.

Sometimes we want to change the natural posture of a fiber. There are a few ways to do this:

1. Buy blends! For example, we love cotton-based yarns in warm weather, but we don't always appreciate the way these yarns drape. Mix in some more elastic fibers, like wool, elastane, or crimped nylon and they will keep their shape better.

2. Change your needle/hook size! Knit or crochet a shape-retaining yarn like wool or linen with a larger needle to get it to drape nicely.

3. Change the pattern! Stitches like a knitted linen stitch or a tight slip-stitch-only crochet can firm up that floppy silk or rayon.

What's the posture of your favorite yarn? Let us know on Facebook!

Be well, be safe, be kind! 

-Caryn & the Yarnivore crew

Shop News

Featured Yarn & Pattern
Berroco's Farro is a DK-weight cotton/nylon blend that is perfect for Texas summers! The nylon gives the yarn better posture (springiness) with the breathability of cotton. It works up well for summer tops, like Oneida by Alison Green. This top-down tee has a bit of lace at the yolk, making it a lovely top for hanging out or more formal settings. Crocheters can opt for the Olana tank by Amy Palmer. Both patterns are available in-store or on Ravelry for $8. (ps. you can purchase patterns printed up for curbside or in-store pickup by calling us to place your order - 210-979-8255)

We Haz Masks! (and intentionally bad grammar...)
If you need a non-surgical face mask, Yarnivore now has two styles: fitted or pleated. The fitted version is made of microfiber and is perfect for smaller faces (most of the masks we've seen run large) and comes in two designs. The pleated style is made from cotton and has a pocket if you want to add an additional layer. Both have elastic ear loops.

Featured Book
Make custom sweaters with 6000+ Pullover Possibilities by Melissa Leapman! Featuring bottom-up sew-together construction, this book offers interchangeable body shapes, sleeve heads, necklines and more to give you an infinite variety of sweaters. Sizes run from XS with a 30" finished bust measurement to 4X with a 58" finished bust.

Online Private Lessons

Here's how to sign up for an online video lesson with Wendy! Don't have a webcam? That's okay! She can help over text or one-sided (you see her, but she can't see you) video/text. This page will tell you how to set it up. If you need more help, you can email Meredith (Wendy’s helper) at She'll help you get set up! Lessons are only $18 for an hour-long session!

The Tip Jar
Organizing your yarn stash? Use those plastic zipper bags that bedding is sold in! A sheet bag will hold enough yarn for a baby sweater, a blanket bag will hold enough for a small throw, and those big ones from comforters will hold enough for a sweater or afghan! Don't throw it out! Reuse it!

All classes and in-person private lessons are currently on hold, due to the San Antonio & Bexar County joint Stay Home/Work Safe order.

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