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Color Your Crafting

June 8, 2020

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Crafting and Color, part 1 

Choosing the colors for your next project

Crafters have several criteria when picking out pattern and yarn for their next project. This week, we're thinking a lot about color, for all kinds of reasons, so let's talk about it in our craft. Some crafters love bright colors and some love neutrals. Some are in between, choosing colors based on their mood or type of project. Here are a couple of tips for you:

First, let's talk about hues, values, saturation, and contrast:

-Hue is what we usually mean when we say color, as in, red, orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo, and violet (yeah, we're ROYGBIV nerds...a big thanks to our high school science teachers, plus, rainbows! :D). Every hue can also be warmer or cooler depending on where it sits on the color wheel. For example, red can be warmer if it leans closer to orange and cooler if it's closer to purple.

-Value refers to the intensity of a color, meaning whether it's light or dark. For example, lavender is a lighter value of the hue (color) violet, and aubergine is a dark value of violet. Darker colors are called shades and lighter colors are called tints.

-Saturation is the intensity of a color. If you take a very saturated color like cobalt blue and add grey to it, you will end up with a softer color, like denim blue. You can desaturate a pure hue either by adding grey, or by adding an opposing color. 

Here are some interesting links if you're interested in learning more about color:
Color, Value, and Hue (Cornell University)
Canva 100 Color Combinations

Your color choice depends on your personal favorites (or that of the recipient) and the type of project. We'll talk more about how to choose a color next week.

Be well, be safe, be kind! 

-Caryn & the Yarnivore crew

Shop News

Featured Pattern & Designer
Safiyya Talley went to fashion school and maintained a second major in English and a minor in Journalism. This intrepid multi-tasker began working in the fashion industry but became disillusioned by the excess and consumerism of the fashion world. She went back to school for her Masters in English and began teaching, but her love of design never wavered. She started getting more into knitting after the birth of her daughter, and was soon sketching and designing her own patterns. 
Patterns we love:
Moby (shown at right and available in sizes up to 62, $8 on Rav or in-store)
The Cabin (sizes up to 54, $8 on Rav or in-store)
Joy Shawl (one size, $7 on Rav or in-store, with a percentage of proceeds going to Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support)

Closer to Normal!
We've extended our hours again, AND many of our staffers are BACK!
New hours: 10-6 Monday-Friday, 10-5 Saturday, and Noon-5 Sunday!
Wendy, Moses, Darian, and Nancy M are back in the shop, joining yarn heroes Caryn, Dawn, and Hannah!
Private lessons are available again - with masks and hand sanitizer for safety! Online private lessons will continue to be available as well. Call the shop at 210-979-8255 to sign up for either!
We are continuing online and curbside sales for those who need to maintain greater social distancing as well.
Can't wait to see you again!

Classes Again? Soon!
We're going to first begin getting the classes that were interrupted by quarantine back up to speed, and fulfilling our obligations to those students We hope to begin having small classes again in July!

The Tip Jar
Do you enjoy having a snack while you craft? Don't want potato chip grease on your crochet or cheeto dust on your knitting? Love eating olives from the jar, but don't want to get vinegar on your needlework?

Try chopsticks! They enable you to almost any kind of messy food while keeping your fingers clean! If you find regular chopsticks difficult to use, look for training or adaptive chopsticks!

All classes and in-person private lessons are currently on hold, due to the San Antonio & Bexar County joint Stay Home/Work Safe order.

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