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Keep it SECRET! Cyber Safety

January 25, 2021

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Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe
Yarnivore's privacy policy

Our privacy policy is simple - we don't share anything with anyone - ever.

We do ask customers for information, including name, email, phone (cell &/or landline), and birthdate. What do we do with this information? We keep track of your purchases, so that we can help you if you forget what that colorway was. We send the newsletter, special order notifications, birthday coupons, and customer rewards to your email. We use your phone number to call if there's an issue with an order, if we find something of yours left in the shop (make sure your name is in/on your stuff), or if we need to reschedule a class or lesson. We only ask for your address if you place an order for delivery by mail.

We NEVER sell or share your information to anyone. We do not save credit card information at all. We also keep our firewall and virus protection updated, so that we can protect your data.

Thank you for trusting us with your data. We will keep it as safe as we keep our own!

Be well, be safe, be kind! 

-Caryn & the Yarnivore crew


Shop Newsmulticolored

Featured Patterns & Yarns
Hello feet! Although it's been relatively balmy lately, we know that we're still in the midst of winter. Keep your toes toasty with these slipper sock ideas:
-Mine by Faye Kennington, featuring cables in super bulky yarn like Malabrigo Rasta, $4.95 In-store/Ravelry/Designer Website
-Woodland Loafers by Claire Slade, features short row shaping in a bulky yarn like Lamb's Pride Bulky, $5.50 in-store/Ravelry
-Wee Woodland Loafers by Claire Slade lets you make matching ones for the Littles! $5.50 in-store/Ravelry
-Sørine Slippers by Kristin Drysdale has stunning colorwork that would work great in a DK yarn like Aalta Truth, $6.00 in-store/Ravelry
-Hestia Slippers by Mieka John are shaped with short rows and keep your feet warm with short-rows and thrums! Deluxe Superwash DK and a couple of ounces of roving will work great for these, $8.25 in-store/Ravelry
-Adult Little Wrap Slippers by Mamachee are cute easy/intermediate slippers that will work up nicely in Galway worsted $5.50 in-store/Ravelry 
-Slouchy Slipper Boots by Lisa van Klaveren will keep your ankles warm. Crochet them with Ultra Wool for a warm and soft bootie! $5.50 in-store/Ravelry/Designer Website

Upcoming Trunk Show
Join us for Bashful Armadillo's first visit to Yarnivore on February 20th from noon til 4. Described as hand-painted yarns with a Texas accent, Bashful Armadillo Fibers takes their inspiration from Texas - the landscape, the cities, regions and attitudes. Like all Texans, they like to explore the rest of the world but their heart is always back home.

Hours this week

11-5 Monday-Thursday, Saturday
Noon-5 Sunday

Private Lessons
In-store and online private lessons are available! Please call us at 210-979-8255 to schedule a lesson! Wendy, Dawn, and Nancy M. are all available to help you with your projects! Private Lessons can be scheduled outside of regular hours at the discretion of the teacher.

The Tip Jar

There are two basic ways to hold crochet hook or knitting needle - the pencil hold (underhand) and the knife hold (overhand). Which way is better? Many hand/wrist experts believe that the knife hold is less likely to cause repetitive motion injury, ultimately the best way to hold your hook/needle is... whichever is more comfortable for you. I know. Not helpful. However, if you have pain holding your tools one way, try switching it to the other grip and see if it helps.

Check out this page to see what the knife and pencil hold look like.

All regular classes are currently on hold until we can safely seat up to 6 students in the classroom. We'll let y'all know when we can offer them again. Until then, we're offering most of our class material in private lessons.

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If you have a question for one of our teachers, you can email us at
You can also email Wendy with knitting or crochet questions at or contact her through her Facebook page -


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