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It's Been a WHOLE MONTH.

February 1, 2021

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Have You Started Yet?
The holidays are sooner than you think...

I mean, sure, Christmas just ended - A MONTH AGO. One twelfth of the holiday crafting time for the year is ALREADY GONE. And our Wendy just finished her granddaughter's gift because she didn't start soon enough.

Want to get next year's Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa gifts done ahead of time? Here are some tips:
1. Start sooner! Even if you're just doing small things, why not start them now, finish them in April, and then focus on the things you want to make for yourself!

2. Be choosier about gift recipients! Just because they're related to you doesn't mean they're craft-worthy. If you know they won't love it, maybe buy them something.

3. Be choosier about projects! You don't have to make an afghan for everyone every year. Decide if you want to go to the effort of making a big project or if you'd rather do small ones. Maybe only one person gets a big thing this year, and someone else next year.

4. Embrace selfishness! No one appreciates your knitting/crochet/weaving/needlework more than you do, so make gifts just for yourself. You deserve it!

We can help! If you have projects you want to do, we can help with lessons, patterns, and materials.

Here's a good start: Nancy is offering Santa's Workshop Needlepoint Mini-Classes beginning on February 21 and continuing monthly all year. Sign up here! (Remember, all classes are 2 people only and masks are required).

We'll continue to offer holiday crafting help thoughout the year so that, hopefully, we'll ALL get those gifts done on time.

Be well, be safe, be kind! 

-Caryn & the Yarnivore crew
(ps. Wendy's gonna save her granddaughter's blanket for next year and try to get a matching one done for her grandson, too - wish her luck)


Shop Newsdark haired model holding cowl with colored triangle pattern over her lower face with only her eyes showing

Featured Patterns & Yarns
Take Bamboo Pop with its shiny drape and mix it with a super-soft fine superwash wool and a touch of poly for strength and you get a gorgeous soft smooshy drapey yarn perfect for Texas! You really need to come and feel this stunning yarn. It works up great in a single-color, but it's also perfect for learning colorwork, as in this lovely cowl from Universal Yarns. The Equilateral (not really, they're isosceles) Triangle Cowl is a great pattern for learning stranded colorwork (aka Fair Isle), and it's FREE!
It'd also make a great holiday gift if you want to start early...

Upcoming Trunk Show

Join us for Bashful Armadillo's first visit to Yarnivore on February 20th from noon til 4. Described as hand-painted yarns with a Texas accent, Bashful Armadillo Fibers takes their inspiration from Texas - the landscape, the cities, regions and attitudes. Like all Texans, they like to explore the rest of the world but their heart is always back home.

Hours this week

11-5 Monday-Thursday, Saturday
Noon-5 Sunday

Private Lessons
In-store and online private lessons are available! Please call us at 210-979-8255 to schedule a lesson! Wendy, Dawn, and Nancy M. are all available to help you with your projects! Private Lessons can be scheduled outside of regular hours at the discretion of the teacher.

The Tip Jar

What is this fiber?! It's really hard to tell exactly what fiber something is without a microscope, but you can at least tell if it's Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral. All you need is a lighter, long tweezers, a fire-proof saucer and a safe place to burn things.

Cut off a piece of the yarn/fabric that you're testing, hold it with the tweezers and try to light it afire.

If it's an animal fiber (wool/alpaca, mohair, etc), it won't flame up, but will shrink away from the flame and smell like burning hair. If you squeeze the burnt bit, it will crush into a black ash.

If it's a vegetable fiber (cotton/linen/rayon), it will flame up and burn quickly and will smell like burnt paper. It will make a soft grey ash.

If it's a mineral fiber (acrylic/nylon/polyester), it will at first melt away, but may flame up if you keep it in the flame. It will smell like burning oil or rubber and will create a hard bead.

All regular classes are currently on hold until we can safely seat up to 6 students in the classroom. We'll let y'all know when we can offer them again. Until then, we're offering most of our class material in private lessons.

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You can also email Wendy with knitting or crochet questions at or contact her through her Facebook page -


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