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You can't make pink from red

July 26, 2021

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Color Theory - Primary Colors
No, Red, Blue, and Yellow are NOT the primary colors at all

Last week, we tackled the crochet-takes-more-yarn myth (conclusion - it doesn't really). Today, lets talk about the single most common color myth - the idea that Red, Blue, and Yellow are THE primary colors.

When I was little, my favorite color was pink. So when the kindergarten teacher told me that all colors were made from the primaries (red, blue, yellow, she said), and that pink was just red + white, I was so excited! I happily mixed red and white paint, only to find that it made a weird peachy color - not pink at all! Why? Because true red is not a primary color in paint (or crayons)

So what are the primary colors? Well, it depends on what you're mixing. If you're mixing light, then the three primaries are red, blue, and green, and if you mix all three, you get white. How do you mix colors in light? if you have three flashlights, you can put red, blue, and green filters over them and shine them at a wall. Where all three meet, you'll see white light.

But most of our yarns aren't dyed with light. They're dyed with pigments. When you're mixing pigments (dye, paint, crayons, ink), the three primaries are magenta, cyan, and yellow. Yup, just like the ink you buy for your printer. When you mix all three together, you get black. Sorta. In practice, it's hard to get it dark enough to be true black, so you'll get grey. If you take magenta paint and mix it with white, you will actually get PINK. 

These two color-mixing systems are referred to as additive (light) and subtractive (pigment). Additive because you mix light by adding more light. Subtractive because pigments can't ADD light, only take it away (which is why they can make black).

Want to test it? Grab a cheap watercolor tray and play! If you want to mix light, try pulling a colored balloons over the ends of flashlights and see how they mix.

Have fun!

Be safe, be well, be kind!

-Caryn & the Yarnivore crew


 Shop News

a tanned woman with long brown hair, thick eyebrows, and long white nails sits on the stone at the edge of a body of water. She's wearing a light blue down jacket, blue jeans, and a marled blue handknit ribbed hat. She's leaning her left elbow on her bent knee and touching the brim of the hat with the same hand. Her right hand is resting on her right calf.Featured Pattern & Yarn
Here's a lovely quick knit! Gallinule is a FREE ribbed hat pattern from Universal Yarns using Fibra Natura Cobblestone. This yarn is marled with one variegated strand and one solid strand - both in soft superwash merino. It comes in LARGE 200g balls with over 600 yards per ball, so you can make LOTS of these quick and easy hats! Dare we suggest that it may be perfect for holiday gifting?

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The Tip Jar

We all know the importance of being hydrated, but it's so annoying when your glass gets all wet and slippery with condensation. Try using some of your old swatches and samples to make a cup cozy! Fit the swatches together like a puzzle or a crazy quilt and stitch them together to hug your favorite drinking glass. You can even embellish it with ribbons or embroidery - maybe stitching your name on it!

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