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Complements are always nice!

September 13, 2021

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Everyone Likes Complements!abstract oil paint turquoise and red-orange
Complementary color variations you'll love

Do you remember elementary school art and the basic classes on the color wheel? The first color combo we're taught is Complementary Colors - shades that are opposite on the color wheel.* This is the most zingy color combo, and many people think that they dislike complementary colors, because at full intensity, they can be very eye-searing!

In the photo below, example A shows a bright turquoise blue and its complement, red-orange. They're very intense and striking when used in equal amounts and at full saturation, they are a little much. They can, however, be beautiful if used appropriately!

Examples B & C show what happens when you sprinkle smaller areas of fairly saturated bright turquoise and red-orange on a white and a dark-grey background. The spots here include fully-saturated versions of our two complements, plus slightly lightened and darkened spots, as well, because varying the intensity and depth makes it more interesting. Having a lot of white, as in B, lets the colors continue to pop, while giving your eye a place to rest. A dark background, as in C, gives the colors the look of stained glass.

In example D, we've used value to help these two colors get along better. Adding black to red-orange creates a rich deep brown, and adding white to the turquoise makes a lovely, but still energetic light aqua blue. Imagine these as a dark brown sweater with a pop of aqua buttons! Or maybe a leather couch with aqua cushions...

Example E shows our two colors softened with grey. Greying or de-saturating a color doesn't make it darker or lighter, but it makes it less intense (They seem darker sometimes, but that's just an optical illusion). Softening these shades gives a very Southwest look, like natural turquoise set in copper. This combo is a classic!

In F, we've lightened the warm blue even more, which turns it into a lovely sky blue. The red-orange is shown in various shapes, darkened, lightened, and softened. This would be a great combo for a blanket, mostly light blue with accents of peach, copper, and rust.

See? Complementary Colors are for EVERYONE! If you see a great example of complementary colors, take a photo and share it on our Facebook or Instagram

Be safe, be well, be kind!

-Caryn & the Yarnivore crew
*Make sure your color wheel is the accurate one, and not the totally wrong kindergarten one - check this previous newsletter edition.

Did You Know???
Private lessons are still going strong!

Adapting is a part of life, especially these days. Many of you are interested in our class offerings but, due to COVID, we've not been comfortable with sitting 7 people (6 students and a teacher) in our classroom. Instead, we offer all of our classes in 1x1 or group private lessons. If you're interested in one of Wendy's sweater classes, she can teach that in a private lesson. Ditto for crochet, needlepoint, and so on. The best way to schedule a lesson is to call (210-979-8255) or drop by the store. You can also email us. Be ready to share what you would like to learn and when you're available.


 Shop News

a black woman with super short hair stands in front of a blurry concrete and wood staircase. She's grinning widely and wearing a grey sweater and a peach and grey crocheted wide scarf/rectangular shawlFeatured Pattern & Yarn
Dulce by Berroco
We're so ready for fall! This super soft yarn is a great one to get you in the autumn mood. It's fuzzy and gorgeous and comes in a variety of soft beautiful colors. And it's 50% cotton! We love how it looks in this block-pattern shawl by Amy Cristoffers. Paola is a wide rectangular shawl, but it also looks great worn as a super thick scarf. $6 in-store, Ravelry, or

Hours - We’re open 7 days a week!

11-5 Monday-Saturday
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Private Lessons
In-store and online private lessons are available! Please call us at 210-979-8255 to schedule a lesson! Wendy, Dawn, Moses, and Nancy M. are all available to help you with your projects! Private Lessons can be scheduled outside of regular hours at the discretion of the teacher.

The Tip Jar

Have you ever found your yarn, thread, or fiber catching on roughened skin or calluses on your hands? It's super annoying! If you find this happening, try this super-easy scrub that you can make in the kitchen. Just put a bit of sugar in the palm of your hand and drop in just enough vegetable oil to dampen. Scrub it around for a minute or so, then rinse off. If it feels too oily, you can wash with a little bit of soap, though if you give it a minute or two, it should soak in. There you go! Nice smooth, non-catchy hands!

All regular classes are currently on hold until we can safely seat up to 6 students in the classroom. We'll let y'all know when we can offer them again. Until then, we're offering most of our class material in private lessons.

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