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The Holidays Approach!

October 17, 2022

In this issue:  The Holidays are Upon Us  Upcoming Classes   Shop News   The Tip Jar   Private Lessons  Contact info

The Holidays are Upon Us
We're here to help with your holiday stitching 

Well, folks, it's that time of year again. Halloween is only 2 weeks away, Thanksgiving will be here before the candy is all gone, and then it's Gift-cember! For those of us who prefer to make gifts than buy them, it can feel like a lot of pressure.

Don't stress! Yarnivore is here to help!

We have lots of ideas for gifts that stitch up quickly, no matter what your craft - knitting, crochet, needlepoint, cross-stitch, weaving - we can hook you up!

Here's a start for the knitters and crocheters:
Knitting projects that take less than 150 yards
Crochet projects that take less than 150 yards

We are here to help when you get stuck, too. If you just need a little bit of help, we offer free help with fixing mistakes, finding where you are on the pattern, or any other yarn emergency for up to 15 minutes for free (though we do ask your patience if the shop is busy). You can also schedule time with one of our instructors for private lessons of 30 minutes or longer.

Last, we're re-introducing our Holiday Countdown. In each newsletter from now until Christmas and the last day of Hanukkah, we'll have a countdown of how many crafting days remain to finish those gifts.

Holiday Countdown 2022
There are...
69 crafting days until Christmas and 
61 crafting days until the beginning of Hanukkah

Upcoming Classes
Click the class name to learn more and to register!

Upcoming classes with available openings are listed below. Click the class name to learn more and to register or call us at 210-979-8255. Space is limited and sign-ups close a week before class begins, so sign up now!

Knitting Workshop with Wendy - 3 seats available
Bring your projects and problems and we'll find solutions!
One session - Sunday, Oct. 23 at 2 pm
$20 (use your own supplies or buy them at Yarnivore for 10% off)

Intro to Entrelac - 2 seats available
Looks scary, but it's actually a piece of cake
     - don't let the fancy French name fool ya!
Two sessions - Monday, Oct. 24 & 31 at 1 pm
$35 (use your own supplies or buy them at Yarnivore for 10% off)

Knitting Workshop with Wendy - 4 seats available
Bring your projects and problems and we'll find solutions!
One session - Monday, Nov. 7 at 1 pm
$20 (use your own supplies or buy them at Yarnivore for 10% off)

Beginning Knitting - 4 seats available
Learn the basics and get started knitting!
Three sessions - Thursday, Nov. 10, 17, & 24 at 5:30 pm
$20 (use your own supplies or buy them at Yarnivore for 10% off)

 Shop NewsA woman with long brown hair sits looking down. She's wearing a conical hat with a soft flat brim at a rakish angle. The cone of the hat is rumpled. There is a sunlit forest in the background

Featured Yarn and Pattern 
It's only 2 weeks until Halloween. If you still need a costume, or you just want to keep your head warm and be a little scary, you may want to try this week's featured pattern, A Practical Witch Hat by Tiny Owl Knits ($5.50 in-store or on Ravelry). This cute rumpled witch's hat is knit from the brim up, then felted in the washing machine, which will make it stiffen and will rumple up the top automatically. You can wear it soft, as shown, or stitch wire along the edge of the brim. 
You'll need 2 balls of a feltable wool yarn, like Cascade 220 or Plymouth Galway, or any worsted weight 100% wool yarn that's labeled "hand wash only". You can use black if you want, or for an even more practical hat, use a dark green or other dark color that will be easier on your eyes.

Hours this week
12-5 Sunday
11-5 Monday-Wednesday
11-7 Thursday
11-5 Friday
11-5 Saturday

Upcoming Events
Friday Night Cravings (sit-n-stitch) - Friday, Nov. 11 from 5-7 pm
Spinners & Weavers Meet-Up - Saturday, Nov. 19 from noon-4 pm
Closing at 3 pm the day before Thanksgiving - Wednesday, Nov. 23
Closed on Thanksgiving Day - Thursday, Nov. 24
Black Friday Trunk Show with Zorn Junction - Friday, Nov. 25

Private Lessons
In-store and online private lessons are available! Please call 210-979-8255 to schedule a lesson! Wendy, Dawn, Moses, and Nancy are all available to help you with your projects! Private Lessons can also be scheduled outside of regular hours at the discretion of the teacher.

The Tip Jar

Use reading glasses as magnifying glasses. Sometimes it's really hard to see what you're doing, especially if you're working with dark colors or fine yarns. Did you know that you can use drugstore cheaters as magnifying lenses?
If you normally wear readers, try getting stronger ones. If you normally wear prescription lenses (including progressives), you can put a pair of readers on in front of your regular glasses. It looks a bit odd, but it can really make it easier to see those fiddly bits of stitching! 


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