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French Chefs and Yarn Crafts?

February 6, 2023

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Mise En Place for Crafters
Setting up your space for success

If you watch a lot of cooking shows, you've probably heard the term "mise en place" (pronounced meez ahn plass). It's a term used in French cooking that means "set into place" but it means more than that. It means that before you start cooking, you should do all the chopping and measuring and have all the ingredients and tools out so that you don't have to let the onions burn while you're looking for the cornstarch.

Mise en place is a good practice for crafters, too. Before settling down with your project, if you'll take the time to gather your tools and materials, you'll save yourself a lot of time and a lot of headaches.

If you have a regular crafting space in your home, you can set up mise en place for that area. You can also set up a traveling mise en place for throwing in your project bag when you're away from home. You'll also want to make sure that all the yarn and thread for each project is  in one place and wound up as needed.

Common mise en place for all crafts: yarn/thread for your project, your pattern, scissors/snips, darning needles, something to poke with (spare DPNs or awl), notepad, pencil, highlighter (or highlighter tape), paperclip or sticky tabs for marking your place, measuring tape, reading glasses, nail file, hand lotion

Mise en place ideas for individual crafts:

  • Knitting - knitting needles, a crochet hook &/or fixit tool, closed stitch markers, locking stitch markers, dental floss or silky thread for lifelines, cable needles, teflon tape (for smoothing rough joins on circular needles)
  • Crochet - crochet hooks, locking stitch markers, split ring stitch markers
  • Weaving - loom, tapestry needle, straight and bent short weaving needles, long weaving needles, shed stick, shuttles, weaving combs, dowels
  • Needlepoint - needlepoint frame, canvas tape (masking tape in a pinch), tapestry needles, needle threader, magnet/needle minder, laying tool, tools to adjust your frame, small latch hook or crochet hook
  • Cross Stitch - hoop or frame (unless you prefer frameless stitching), canvas or masking tape, tapestry needles, needle threader, needle minder, laying tool
  • Needle Felting - wool, felting needles, felting surface (brush or sponge), finger guards

Upcoming Classes & Events
Click the title or thumbnail to learn more and to register!

Upcoming classes with available openings are listed below. Click the class name to learn more and to register or call us at 210-979-8255. Space is limited and sign-ups close a week before class begins, so sign up now!

Knitting Workshop with Wendy - 2 seats available
Bring your projects and problems and we'll find solutions!
One upcoming session -  Thurs. Feb. 9 at 5:30 pm
$20 per session (use your own supplies or buy them at Yarnivore for 10% off)


Fixing Mistakes - 4 seats available
Learn to pick up those dropped stitches and fearlessly fix your knitting mistakes!
Two sessions - Mon. Feb. 13 & 20 at 1 pm
$40 (includes handi-tool and mistake swatches)

Toe Up Socks - 2 seat available
Knit and fit the foot first - no picking up stitches and no grafting!
Three sessions - Thurs. Feb. 16, 23, & Mar. 2 at 5:30 pm
$50 (use your own supplies or buy them at Yarnivore for 10% off)

My First Socks - 1 seat available
Learn to knit basic socks from the cuff down!
Three sessions - Sun. Feb. 26, Mar. 12, & Mar. 26 at 2 pm
$50 (use your own supplies or buy them at Yarnivore for 10% off)

Hooker Helpdesk - 4 seats available
Knit and fit the foot first - no picking up stitches and no grafting!
Three sessions - Sun. Feb. 26, Mar. 12, & Mar. 26 at 2 pm
$50 (use your own supplies or buy them at Yarnivore for 10% off


Shop Newsa cream colored leather bracelet is coiled twice. You can read brK and see symbols for brioche notation

Featured Notion
Brioche is everywhere nowadays! It can be a little hard to remember where you are if you're new to brioche knitting, so Zero One Ten, maker of measuring tape bracelets, has come up with a new Brioche Bracelet that's engraved with instructions for brioche rib stitch. It wraps around your wrist twice and comes in 4 different colors. Definitely helpful, and pretty stylish, too!

Hours this week
11-5 Monday-Wednesday
11-7 Thursday & Friday
11-5 Saturday
12-5 Sunday

Upcoming Events
Friday Night Cravings - Friday, Feb. 10 from 5-7 pm
Spinners & Weavers Meet-Up - Saturday, Jan. Feb. 18 from noon-4 pm
Wander Luck Fibers Trunk Show - Saturday, Feb. 25 from noon-4 pm

Private Lessons
In-store and online private lessons are available! Please call 210-979-8255 to schedule a lesson! Wendy, Dawn, Moses, and Nancy are all available to help you with your projects! Private Lessons can also be scheduled outside of regular hours at the discretion of the teacher.

The Tip Jar

If you're setting up a work space that includes small bits like stitch markers and point protectors and you'd like to have them out all the time instead of having to open up a case to get what you need, consider putting them in small tealight holders. You can get them in all kinds of styles from matte black modern to fancy cut glass.


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