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Woolly Spawning!

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January 22, 2024

In this issue:  Wooly Propagation!   Upcoming Classes and Events   Shop News   The Tip Jar   Contact info

Woolly Propagation
The Crocheted Coral Reef is Still Growing!

The Crochet Coral Reef is a global creation to highlight climate change and inspire hope. Organized and run by the Wertheim sisters, this fiber-art project uses math and evolutionary theory to create a stunning variety of coral structures. Many of you will recall that the Crochet Coral Reef exhibit visited the Southwest School of Art in 2015. Guess what? The reef exhibit is still going strong and we’re in love with all of the fabulous versions! There is a Core Collection that travels the globe, and also satellite reefs, such as the one currently showing at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, PA.

While there isn’t currently a local reef exhibit for us Texans, you can still make your own mini reef using patterns like the Crochet Hyperbolic Coral (pdf version $2.50 on Rav or free at GoldenLucyCrafts). Want to get science-y? Check out Michele Lock’s 2005 Interweave Crochet article Taking Crochet to a Higher Plane, which shares Dr. Daina Taimini's work on why crochet is ideal for creating hyperbolic planes. The article also includes Dr. Taimini's pattern. (Note, GoldenLucyCraft's pattern is also based on Dr. Taimini's work.) If you want to dive further into the art and science of reef making, check out the Art + Science Overview on the Crochet Coral Reef website.

Whether you love the science of hyperbolic crochet or just love making gorgeous colorful things, we think crocheting reefs sounds like a great way to express yourself (and use up stash)! As the patterns above note, you can use any weight and color of yarn and any hook size. We can't wait to see what you make!

-Caryn and the Yarnivore staff

Upcoming Classes
Click the title or thumbnail to learn more and to register
Upcoming events and classes with available openings are listed below. Click the class name to learn more or register. You can also call us at 210-979-8255. Space is limited and sign-ups close a week before class begins, so sign up now!

Knit the Papillon with Suzy! 
Join Suzy as you learn the tricks to making your own stunning version of the Papillon! In this 2-session class, she'll guide you through starting your Papillon and the steps to mastering short rows, stitch marker placement, and striping. After the two sessions, most students will finish on their own; students who need additional guidance can join Suzy's one-session workshops.
$35, 2 sessions (pattern & yarn sold separately; use your own supplies or buy them at Yarnivore for 10% off)
Upcoming dates & availability-
  Thursday, January 25 at noon - 3 seats available

Knitting Workshop with Suzy 
Bring your projects and questions; Suzy will answer your questions and will break down the principles involved so that everyone can learn!
$20 (use your own supplies or buy them at Yarnivore for 10% off)

Upcoming dates & availability-
 Tuesday, January 23 at noon - 3 seats available
Tuesday, January 30 at noon - 4 seats available

A close up of needlepoint with texture and color stitches in pink, yellow, red, brown, and greenStitching Workshop with Nancy - Masks Appreciated, but not required
Bring your needlepoint or cross stitch projects for support,
problem-solving, and camaraderie!
Every other Sunday, with one session at 1 pm and another at 3 pm
$20 (use your own supplies or buy them at Yarnivore for 10% off)
Upcoming dates & availability-
   Sunday, February 4 at 1 pm - 2 seats available   
   Sunday, February 4 at 3 pm - 4 seats available

Shop News

Featured Tool

Speaking of fun shapes, Nurge hoops are here!These square plastic hoops are perfect for most styles of needle craft because they make it easier for you to stitch into corners. Hoops are lightweight and rigid; the two pieces have a notched shape that keeps the fabric firm while you stitch.

Also, our discontinued needle sale continues! Want to grab some Addi Lace Circs or IgKnite straight or circular knitting needles at a great price? Now's your chance. They're being discontinued, so we've put them on sale for 20% off!

NEW! Expanded hours! 

Yarnivore is now open until 7pm three nights a week: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Come join us for casual sit and stitch! Make sure you say hi to Marrow, our newest staff member!

11-5 Monday-Tuesday
11-7 Wednesday-Friday! (Whoot!)
11-5 Saturday & 12-5 Sunday

Upcoming Events
Bad Frog Yarn Trunk Show! - Saturday February 10, noon - 4pm

Private Lessons
In-store and online private lessons are available! Visit us or call 210-979-8255 to schedule a lesson! Wendy, Han, Moses, Nancy, Jackie, & Suzy are all available to help you with your projects! Private Lessons can also be scheduled outside of regular hours at the discretion of the teacher.

clip art of a clear mason jar with three balls of yarn inside, one red, one green, one purple. The label on the jar reads Tip JarThe Tip Jar

Do you want to try needlepoint or cross stitch but aren't sure where to start? Many kits provide all the supplies you need, including canvas or fabric, hoop (for cross stitch), thread, needle and instructions. Some kits are pre-finished, meaning that your finished project is a useful object, such as an eyeglass case.

Do you have a tip idea? We're happy to share it, just reply to this newsletter!


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