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More Decisions about Tapestry Needles!

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March 25, 2024

In this issue:  Choosing the Right Tapestry Needle, Part II   Upcoming Classes and Events   Shop News   The Tip Jar   Contact info

Decisions, Decisions, and More Decisions!
Choosing the right tapestry needle, Part II.

Last week, we talked about styles of tapestry needles, including their material and shape. This week, we're going to cover tapestry needle sizing for needlepoint and cross stitch. Unlike tapestry (yarn, wool) needles used for crocheting and knitting, needles used for cross stitch and needlepoint rely on a numbering system that corresponds to the canvas or fabric you're using. This makes it a wee bit more complicated, but we've got tips to help simplify your decision.

First, needles come in a range of sizes, from size 13 to 28. Needle sizing can be confusing because the larger the number, the smaller the needle. This means a #16 needle is larger than a #20. The same relationship goes for canvas mesh and cross stitch fabric: the smaller the number, the larger the holes in the mesh. Both needles and mesh numbers work this way because they correspond to the number of stitches per inch. It makes sense that 16 count (ct) mesh has bigger holes than 18 ct because there are more holes per inch in 18 ct!

The most important thing about choosing a needle is to make sure it passes easily through the hole in your canvas or mesh. If the needle is too large, it will distort the canvas. If it is too small, it can damage your thread. Below is a guide for choosing your needle based on the mesh or fabric (Aida) size.

Needle Sizing for Needlepoint and Cross Stitch
If Mesh/Count is: OR if Aida Count is: Then Needle Size is:
3-5   13
7-8   14-16
10 6 18
12-14 8 20
16-20 11 22
22-24 14-16 24-26
26-28 16-18 26-28

Source: The Needlepoint Book: New, Revised, and Updated Third Edition; Gathered.How

We wish you happy stitching! 
-Caryn and the Yarnivore staff
P. S. Yarnivore will be CLOSED for Easter (this Sunday, March 31).

Upcoming Classes
Click the title or thumbnail to learn more and to register
Upcoming events and classes with available openings are listed below. Click the class name to learn more or register. You can also call us at 210-979-8255. Space is limited and sign-ups close a week before class begins, so sign up now!

a comic showing Lucy from Charlie brown, but with pink hair, sitting at a lemonade stand type booth, with text that reads Knitting Help 5 cents. The Doctor is INKnitting Workshop with Wendy - Masks Required
Come knit with Wendy! This is for knitters of any skill level with any kind of project!
Learn with others in a friendly, supportive environment!
$20 (use your own supplies or buy them at Yarnivore for 10% off)

Upcoming dates & availability-
  Monday, April 1 at 1 pm - no seats available
  Monday, April 7 at 1 pm - 1 seat available
  Monday, April 15 at 1 pm - 1 seat available
  Monday, April 21 at 1 pm - 2 seats available
Hooker Helpdesk with Moses - Masks Appreciated, but not required
Come pick Moses' brain in this workshop-style class. Get some helpful tips to make your hook happy and your project beautiful!
$20 (use your own supplies or buy them at Yarnivore for 10% off)

Upcoming dates & availability-
  Saturday, April 6 at 1 pm - 4 seats availabl

image of a woman wearing a crocheted hat with a crocheted flowerIntermediate Crochet with Moses  - Masks Appreciated, but not required
Take the next step in your crochet journey! Learn to increase and decrease (intentionally!) and crochet in the round while working Linda’s Quick and Simple Hat Pattern.
$35 (use your own supplies or buy them at Yarnivore for 10% off)


Upcoming dates & availability-
Sunday, April 13 & 20 at 1 pm - 2 seats available

Needlepoint flowersStitching Workshop with Nancy - Masks Appreciated, but not required
Bring your needlepoint or cross stitch projects for support, problem-solving, and camaraderie!
$20 (use your own supplies or buy them at Yarnivore for 10% off)
Upcoming dates & availability-
   Sunday, April 14 at 1 pm - 2 seats available   
   Sunday, April 14 at 3 pm - 2 seats available

Shop NewsA collage-style image of Bozzolo yarn colors

Featured Tool

We love tools that are both fun and functional! It's Sew Emma (based in Buda, TX!) has  bags that are ideal for holding your patterns and tools; some are even big enough to hold projects! Check out their Mad for Plaid line, which pairs with Shepherd's Bush cross stitch patterns. We've just received It's Sew Emma's latest bag, the Big Hexie Project Bag. It's a generously sized travel bag with handles, perfect for stitching on the go.

Mad for Plaid bags are 11" x 16" flat (3.25" x 10" x 13" when opened) and come in nine colors. The Shepherd's Bush patterns have stitch counts that fit the bags. Big Hexie is 18.5" at the zipper and 18" deep; handles are about 11".


Yarnivore will be CLOSED for Easter Sunday, March 31.

Regular hours:

11-5 Monday-Tuesday
11-7 Wednesday-Friday
11-5 Saturday & 12-5 Sunday

Upcoming Events

Easter, Sunday March 31: Closed!

 Logo for Local Yarn Store day shows a ball of yarn with a banner over itLocal Yarn Store (LYS) day, Saturday April 27th, with local artist Bad Frog Yarn! We'll also have other fun things, like craft & product demonstrations.


Private Lessons
In-store and online private lessons are available! Visit us or call 210-979-8255 to schedule a lesson! Wendy, Han, Moses, Nancy, Jackie, & Suzy are all available to help you with your projects! Private Lessons can also be scheduled outside of regular hours at the discretion of the teacher.

clip art of a clear mason jar with three balls of yarn inside, one red, one green, one purple. The label on the jar reads Tip JarThe Tip Jar

Splitty yarn is a thing! If you're frustrated with your hook or knitting needle splitting your yarn, we have tips! Let's start with choosing your yarn: some yarn is loosely plied and therefore more prone to splitting. If you're concerned about this, ask us for advice on whether a yarn is more tightly plied.

Second, if you're having trouble with a current project, you may be able to swap your hook or needle for one that has a blunter tip. Seeknit by KA are knitting needles made from bamboo and have blunter tips. If you prefer metal needles, HiyaHiya Steel needles have their standard, blunt tip. Boye Ergonomic crochet hooks have a blunt tip and rounded hook edge. Clover Amour and Soft Touch hooks have a slightly pointier tip and edge, but are still relatively rounded when compared to other brands besides Boye. (The difference in these two styles is the handle style.)

Do you have a tip idea? We're happy to share it, just reply to this newsletter!

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