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How Do We Learn?

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July 8, 2024

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How do we learn? One stitch at a time!
July Reflection: Understanding the Learning Process

As adults we’ve mastered many of the skills needed for daily living, like cooking or driving. But what happens when we’re trying to learn a new skill and can’t seem to get it right? We’re usually frustrated at our slow progress in the beginning and then, with time and practice, our skills grow. (This is often referred to as a learning curve.) We see this pattern in all of our students, regardless of skill level (beginner v. intermediate v. advanced) because mastering any new skill takes time. However, we see a difference in how students react to the early, more frustrating part of the learning process. Some students see a learning curve as a challenge, which means they have hope of mastering the skill. Other students can be so frustrated that they feel hopeless, which makes them want to quit. (It’s also possible for the same student to feel hopeful or hopeless at different times.)

Your hope (or confidence) in learning a new skill is a key ingredient to your achievement. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and a little too frustrated to have confidence that you’ll learn, maybe that’s a good day for a project that uses your existing skills. Or maybe you want to try a new skill that’s closer to one you already know, like a new way of increasing or decreasing, rather than a big one, like learning basic knitting or crochet (or, for more experienced stitchers, brioche knitting or interlocking filet crochet). If you want to tackle a tougher skill, give yourself a little grace when you get frustrated. Take a break, clear your mind, and come back to your stitching refreshed and see if you're better able to learn that new skill.  

-Caryn and the Yarnivore Crew
P. S. Zorn Junction will be in-store Saturday, July 13, 11a-4p.
Join our Oh So Chic cowl Cast-On Party on Wednesday, July 17, 1p-3p (no registration needed for this informal sit-and-stitch). 
Want more Christmas in July? We have several classes that will help you with your gift list! Go to our Calendar, then click on the class to register.

Upcoming Classes
Click the title to learn more and to register.
Space is limited & sign-ups close a week before class begins, so sign up now! Class fees due at time of registration. You can find all available classes on our Calendar.


two hands knitting with steel needles and gold colored yarnBeginning Knitting with Denise! 
Learn the basics, including about yarn & knitting needle sizes, how to cast on, knit, purl, & bind off. When you've mastered these stitches, you'll be ready to start your first project. Class is two 2-hour sessions.
Wednesday July 10 & 17, 11:00a - 3 seats available
Wednesday July 24 & 31, 11:00a - 3 seats available


Papillon Shawl by MarinJaKnitsKnit the Papillon with Suzy! 
Make your own stunning version of the Papillon! Suzy will guide you through starting your Papillon and the steps to mastering short rows, stitch marker placement, and striping. After the two sessions, most students will finish on their own; students who need additional guidance can join Suzy's one-session workshops. Class is two 2-hour sessions.
Thursday, July 11 & 25, 12pm - 4 seats available


Start your own love affair with this classic and versatile pattern while you learn to make a cozy Christmas Stocking! Class is three 2-hour sessions.
Thursday, July 11, 18, & 25, 5:30pm - 4 seats available



You'll learn mosaic colorwork while working on coasters that you can give as a gift! Mosaic knitting is an easy way for knitters to adventure into the world of creating colorful geometric shapes. Class is one 2-hour session.
Friday, July 12, 1pm - 4 seats available


a comic showing Lucy from Charlie brown, but with pink hair, sitting at a lemonade stand type booth, with text that reads Knitting Help 5 cents. The Doctor is IN
Knitting Workshop with Wendy - Masks Required
Come knit with Wendy! This is for knitters of any skill level with any kind of project! Learn with others in a friendly, supportive environment! Each class is one 2-hour session.
Sunday, July 14, 2 pm - 2 seats available
Sunday, July 28, 2 pm - 2 seats available (See class description for more dates.)
Beginner knitters who have mastered the basics (cast-on, knit, purl, bind off) will enjoy learning several new skills as they make the French Market Bag, including working in the round, magic loop and kitchener stitch.  Class is two 2-hour sessions.
Thursday July 18 & August 1, 12p - 4 seats available


Hooker Helpdesk with Moses - Masks Appreciated, but not required
Come pick Moses' brain in this workshop-style class. Get some helpful tips to make your hook happy and your project beautiful! Each class is one 2-hour session.
Saturday, July 27, 1 pm - 4 seats available


Learn to make a perfectly-fitted top-down sweater, even if you've never knit a sweater before! You’ll learn everything from choosing the right yarn and making a good gauge swatch to fitting your unique figure. Class is five 2-hour sessions.
Thursday, August 1, 14, 29, September 12, 26 at 5:30pm - 4 seats available

Shop News - Featured ToolsCollage of Lemonwood Mini Minders with different designs

We're in LOVE with these new Mini Minders (patent pending) from Lemonwood! Fabulous and functional, they hold your yarn while you stitch, no more tangled yarn! Each Mini Minder comes with a wrist strap so you can crochet or knit on the go.

Lemonwood Mini Minders are handmade in the USA by Veronica, Colm & Elysia. You may know Veronica from her former role as owner of Dream in Color yarn; Colm and Elysia are her adult children. The three of them design, make and ship each Mini Minder from their studio in Tucson, Arizona.


11-5 Monday-Tuesday
11-7 Wednesday-Friday
11-5 Saturday & 12-5 Sunday
Upcoming Events
Zorn Junction Trunk Show July 13, 2024

Zorn Junction Trunk Show, Saturday July 13, 11a-4p. This south Texas dyer specializes in boutique batches of unique colors!



Oh So Chic CowlOh So Chic Cast-On Party, Wednesday July 17, 1-3p. Strengthen your mosaic knitting skills while making this gorgeous cowl by Alina Appasova! Cast-on parties are informal social gatherings; no registration or fee is needed; just bring your yarn and pattern.

If you're unfamiliar with mosaic knitting, you can take Denise's Introduction to Mosaic Knitting class first (July 12).



Private Lessons
Learn 1x1 or in small groups with your choice of project or technique! One-on-one (one student, one teacher) Personal lessons are $25/hour & group private lessons are $15/person per hour. Visit us in-store or call 210-979-8255 to schedule.

clip art of a clear mason jar with three balls of yarn inside, one red, one green, one purple. The label on the jar reads Tip JarThe Tip Jar

.Trying to fix a mistake? We’re always happy to help but sometimes you can’t come see us. If you’re working on your own, many of you have favorite internet tips, but we thought we’d make some recommendations. Knitters can check out Interweave’s Fixing Knitting Mistakes Guide, which has 16 pages of instructions and illustrations. While we haven’t yet found a similar guide for fixing crochet mistakes, we like Darn Good Yarn’s 10 Common Crochet Mistakes and Magic Owl Studios 5 Ways to Fix Mistakes in Your Crochet Without Ripping Out Your Work.

Do you have a tip idea? We're happy to share it, just reply to this newsletter!

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