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Louet Lisa

This frame loom is available in 4 sizes. The smallest one is perfect for an introduction to the World of Weaving!

  • Small: 20 x 25cm (7.9in x 9.8in)
  • Medium: 40 x 60cm (15.7in x 23.6in)
  • Large: 50 x 75cm (19.7in x 29.5in)
  • Extra-Large: 60cm x 90cm (23.6in x 35in)

Looms come with a standard flat shuttle, pick-up sticks and an instruction manual so you can start weaving immediately. The larger frame looms are made with raddle segments and come with a pick-up stick.

Note: The Extra Large version has a stand to use it upright on a table (shown in XL picture).