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Crochet Hook Furls Jumbo

Furls Fiberarts is the world's premier provider of luxury crochet hooks and other fiber arts tools. 
Made from mango wood, a tree more known for its fruit rather than for its timber. However, mango trees can be converted to lumber once their fruit-bearing lifespan has finished. The wood is used for musical instruments such as ukuleles and now, Furls' Jumbo hooks. (Thanks again to Wikipedia for the background info!) 
Yarnivore Rex says: Furls Jumbo hooks come in 3 sizes and we carry them all!  
Furls also offers Jumbo hooks in Rosewood and Ebony, as well as mango (the lightest color in the picture). Yarnivore only carries the mango wood Jumbo hooks because the other two kinds of wood are much denser and therefore heavier. We think they're beautiful but harder to work with - hookers will get fatigued faster. However, if you want one in Rosewood or Ebony, we'll special order it!