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NDO Tuscan Midnight

Stitched with Watercolours and an accent of metallic.

Original Threads (shown in completed photo): These are the colors Kathy Rees used to design the piece. The red on the left is used only once – in the center square. Don’t let it throw you off when you look at the rest of the colorways!

Autumn Blue: Kathy Rees wasn’t sure what to call this and ended up with a very unlikely “Autumn Blue” which doesn’t make sense because autumn and blue don’t go together. However, these threads were beautiful together.

Autumn Green: This option uses both the Watercolors Kathy Rees used in her Galaxy piece.

Cool Blues: If Kathy Rees was going to stitch it again, Kathy Rees would probably use these colors – they are some of her personal favorites.

Hot Brights: Not for the faint of heart! Kathy Rees had to do a very bright version!

Purples & Browns: Sounds strange but it’s really very pretty!

Rainforest: A lot of these were used in Rainforest Crunch, one of Kathy Rees's most popular patterns.

Spring Pastels: Pretty Pastels.

Winter: Kathy Rees put a yellow instead of red for the very center square in this photo but the pattern actually calls for the red. After she viewed the photo online, she thought it looked too blah; however it might just work!

Pattern only. Canvas and fiber sold separately.