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10" Straight Needle Roll


addi Circular Vinyl pouch


addi Cord - ClipHearts


addi DPN Vinyl pouch


Addi Needle Huggers Bear


addiLove Heart Stitch Markers


Ball Winder Knitter's Pride


Ball Winder Lacis


Blue Mini Case


Bobbin Bob-EEZ


Bobbin EZ Bobs


Bobbin Set


Bobbins Prym Yarn


Button Animals


Button Decahedron


Button Flower 28mm


Button Fruit


Button Holiday 18mm


Button Holiday 23mm


Button Holiday 28mm


Button KF Target


Button Llama shank


Button Poly 20mm


Button Poly Animal Print 28mm


Button Poly Braid 23mm


Button Poly Braid 28mm


Button Poly Glitter 23mm


Button Poly Oval 30mm


Button Poly Round 13mm


Button Poly Round 20mm grooved


Button Poly Round 25mm grooved


Button Poly Toggle 40mm


Button poly triangle 20mm


Button Poly Triangle 30mm


Button Polyamide Kids Holiday 18mm


Button Rectangle 1.5in Shell Foil Wood


Button Round .5in Poly Moonlight


Button Round .625in Poly Corozo Bowl


Button Round .625in Poly Spunk


Button Round 1.125in Poly


Button Round 7/8in Wood Filigree


Button Round 7/8in Wood Stained


Button Round Foxeye 1.375in


Button Sloth 25mm


Button Space shank


Button Sprinkles 20mm


Button Square .625in Poly Corozo Sq


Button Square 1in Wood


Button Steampunk Gear holes 23mm


Button Steampunk Gear shank


Button Steampunk skull 23mm


Button Toggle 2.625in Wood Leaf


Button Wood 28mm


Button Wood Animal 23mm


Button Wood naut 23mm


Button Wood Oval 23mm


Button Wood Oval 30mm


Button Wood Oval 38mm


Buttons Poly Oval 28mm


Buttons snowflake 20mm


Cable Needles Dreamz 3/Pkg


Cable Stitch Holder Clover

$3.75 - $6.95

Cable Stitch Holder Susan Bates


Case Hook Clover


Case Needle Clover


Case Needle Clover Tube


Case Needle KP Circular


Case Needle KP DPN


Case Needle KP IC


Case Needle KP Straight


Crochet Hook Case


Crochet Hook Clover Amour

$7.95 - $9.95

Crochet Hook Clover Soft Touch

$7.50 - $7.95

Crochet Roll


Cutter Clover


Faux Fur Pom with Loop


Fringer ChiaoGoo Wood


Gauge & Cutter Knitter's Pride


GoKnit Pillow

$36.00 - $40.00

GoKnit Pouch Jewel tones


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