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Natural Mesh Bag

The folks at Coco Knits often travel with their knitting, which really takes a toll on the carefully wound cakes of yarn, as they find them unwound and tangled in their knitting bags. In an effort to keep things neat, they used to use a plastic Zip-loc bag – and eventually realized they needed a better and more eco-friendly solution. Coco Knits designed a container that opens wide to accommodate a large wound skein (or two smaller ones), and then added snaps that allow you to customize the size and configuration. The bags are made out of woven, washable paper fabric which is both sturdy, yet lightweight.

  • Made from all natural paper mesh
  • Dimensions, unsnapped: 6" width × 6" height × 6" depth
  • Accommodates one large or 2–3 small balls or cakes of yarn
  • Snaps at top