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Yarn Valet Pattern Holder

What does your pattern look by the end of a project? The Yarn Valet Pattern Holder is designed to hold an 8.5x11 inch pattern and keeps it visible and wrinkle-free. Just roll up your pattern and place it inside the clear tube. It will be protected and rest against the inside of the tube. Store small projects or accessories in tube, too. The hexagon caps keep the tube from rolling and allow you to rotate the tube as you work through the pattern. Mark pattern progress on tube with Yarn Valet Stitcher's GPS or dry erase marker (sold separately). This package contains one 5x12 inch pattern holder. Made in USA.

Yarn Valet is a family business. We are passionate knitters and crocheters dedicated to making creative, lightweight yarn tools. Our products are Made in America and assembled & packaged by individuals with developmental disabilities. Never Stop Stitching®

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