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Cascade Yarns® is a yarn distribution company selling over 80 different yarns.

Company Motto
Cascade strives to sell the highest quality products at remarkably low prices.

It all began in the late 1980's. Bob Dunbabin found a location for Cascade Yarns® in a vacant storefront, in Pioneer Square, Seattle. The space was modest, squeezed between a mission for the homeless and the main north-south rail line. To Bob, the modest but logistically well-located space suited the company’s needs. Best of all, it came with a good price. Bob believed that knitters cared more about the quality of the yarn than the prestige of the office location. Bob would use the savings from the location to provide a better yarn at a better price. The real estate market in Seattle changed and Cascade Yarns® has moved 3 times, but the dedication to quality and value in the yarn remains.

Bob is not a conformist and cared mostly about quality and value. In the 1980’s most premium yarns came from England or Italy. Bob looked instead to South America. There he worked with Cascade Yarns® suppliers to upgrade their equipment and improve the process of production. To Bob, it didn’t matter where a yarn was made, so long as the materials were good, the spinning equipment right, and the workers happy and well trained. Cascade Yarns® continues to work closely with its business partners to ensure the highest quality of production is maintained. In short, the proof is in the knitting. (Yarnivore adds: and the crocheting and the weaving.... :D)

Cascade Yarns® remains a family business with Bob's daughter-in-law, Shannon, joining the business in 2003 and his son, Rob, moving full time into the business in 2005. Cascade loves their yarns and they hope that you enjoy them, too!

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60 More Quick Baby Blankets


60 More Quick Knits


60 Quick Knits Blanket Squares


Anchor Bay


Anthem Chords

$5.00 $6.25

Anthem Chunky

$8.20 - $11.00

Anthem Rondo


Books Cascade

$12.95 - $17.95



Cascade 220 Fingering

$4.20 - $5.50

Cascade 220 Sport


Cascade 220 Superwash Merino

$10.40 - $13.00

Cascade 220 Superwash Wave Worsted


Cascade 220 worsted

$8.40 - $11.00

Cherub Aran


Cherub Aran Multis DISC

$4.80 $6.00

Cherub Aran Wave

$4.80 $6.00

Cherub Chunky


Cherub DK

$2.60 - $3.00

Eco Alpaca


Eco Plus Peruvian Tones PT



$7.60 $9.50

Fixation Solids

$4.40 - $5.50

Fixation Splash


Fixation Spray Dyed

$5.00 - $6.00




$9.00 - $11.00

Heritage Prints


Heritage Silk

$14.40 - $18.00

Heritage Silk Paints




North Shore

$4.00 $6.25

North Shore Prints

$6.20 $7.75

Pacific Worsted

$5.43 $7.50

Paradigm Shift




Pluff Effects


Pluscious Color multi

$4.20 - $5.25

Pluscious Solid



$12.20 $15.25


$5.40 - $6.50


$21.60 $27.00


$8.20 $10.25

Ultra Pima DK


Ultra Pima Fine


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