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Bolga Basket Shoulder Shopper

This two handled basket was designed for the western market and is considered in Ghana to be a more modern style of Bolga basket. It is a perfect market basket with a wide mouth and deep bottom, it holds-well-a lot of stuff! It measures approximately 13 inches at it's tallest and approximately 18 inches at it's widest (really, we mean approximately).

The Bolga baskets come in two palettes (colorways), but colors vary within the palette. "Natural Palette" refers to baskets with more earth tones, Natural, Natural & Black, Natural & Navy "Traditional Palette" refers to the more common colour palette of Bolga baskets, those colours chosen by the weavers. Generally These colours are bright, bold and beautiful.
Photos indicate possible selection and the wide variety of possibilities available. They are not necessarily an accurate depiction of current inventory. 

Made in Ghana