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GoKnit Pouch Classic

Brightly colored, lightweight, ripstop nylon fabric makes this innovative knitting bag irresistible.

  • Machine Washable & Dryable!
  • Made of ripstop, water resistant, lightweight nylon, each pouch is ingeniously designed to keep your latest project safe yet accessible.
  • On the outside of the bag is a strap with a snap for attaching the pouch to your belt, wrist, purse, chair arm, even the tray table in front of your airline seat. Then on the inside of each bag is a smaller strap through which you loop your working yarn thread to keep it from tangling
  • Made in the USA and available in 3 sizes
    • Small: 8" high by 6"
    • Medium: 11" high by 8"
    • Large: 13" high by 11" with a drawstring that doubles as a shoulder strap