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Water Soluble Canvas

DMC's transparent Water Soluble Guide is a 14-count guide that’s soft and flexible and easy to use. Baste it onto your chosen fabric, using large tacking stitches. The clearly defined holes help beginners and experts alike to make neat even cross stitches.

Once you have finished stitching, simply place your fabric in a bowl of warm water and the canvas will dissolve, leaving you with a unique cross stitch piece. It works great when used with denim, tote bags, t-shirts and home linens.

The count refers to the number of stitches you can make in an inch. The metric equivalent is pts/cm - stitches per centimeter. Therefore, the higher the count the smaller stitches you will make resulting in a finer finish. Water soluble guide can also be used for a wide range of counted embroidery techniques.

100% polyvinyl alcohol
20cm x 22cm (about 8 in x 8.5 in)